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REAL Tetraethyl LEAD (TEL) FUEL ADDITIVE is available! NOT a LEAD Substitute. Please contact me for special bulk pricing.






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Lead Octane Booster

From Kemco Industries, LLC



Kemco changed the name to OCTANE SUPREME. The formula and Lead Content have NOT changed .



Formerly known as: LEAD SUPREME and LEAD SUPREME 130 and OCTANE SUPREME 130 and MAX LEAD and MAX LEAD 2000



Do You Remember These Products?


The New Metal can !!


Remember when:

bullet High octane fuel was readily available
bullet Lead was in plentiful supply in gasoline, not just in pencils
bullet Your high compression engine ran like it was designed to do
bullet "Ping" only meant you needed a tune-up
bullet You didn't spend your time looking for racing fuel

Octane Supreme (OS)

Worried about protecting valve guides and seats?  Lead also acts as

THE ONLYprotector for these components.  Avoid valve recession and premature failure by adding lead to your fuel mixture.

How does it compare in cost and effectiveness with racing fuels?  Since you decide how much octane boost you need, O

S costs no more than and often costs less than fixed octane racing fuels.

Great for pre-1971 cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tractors, etc. that need lead but may not need octane boost.  Simply use less per tank, following the instructions on the back of the


Key Benefits

bullet 59.4 grams of Tetraethyl LEAD per Gallon
bullet Higher Octane to Match Your Requirements
bullet Protects Vital Engine Components
bullet Increase Horsepower & Performance
bullet Lower cost than Racing Fuel



Want to Know More? Compression Ratio Blending Chart =>  click here


Pricing - plus UPS DROP-Shipping directly from chemical company to save YOU money !!

This item ships from our AZ warehouse, usually within 2 business days of

receiving payment - please allow extra time for delivery...


Our drop ship program ships, via UPS ground only, from AZ to the 48 contiguous United States

We no longer use FedEx Shipping due to unreliability -

Hence the HIGHER shipping costs which are still lower than our actual costs !


 Sorry, no shipping to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, PO Boxes, FPO or APO


Please e-mail for Special Pricing information on

Larger Quantity Discounts

Please include CONTACT PHONE NUMBER on your order



Qty Description

Price each

1 Quart metal can                 Plus Shipping $25.00 


1 Case Quart metal cans (6 ea.) Plus Shipping $145.00 



Multiple case pricing below reflects lower shipping costs

2 Cases Quart  metal cans (6ea.) (2X6 = 12 total) Plus Shipping $290.00



3 Cases Quart  metal cans (6ea.) (3X6 = 18 total) Plus Shipping $435.00



4 Cases Quart  metal cans (6ea.) (4X6 = 24 total) Plus Shipping $580.00


6 Cases Quart  metal cans (6ea.) (6X6 = 36 total)                      *** FREE  Shipping *** $860.00 

Multiple Case Orders Save On UPS Shipping Costs, Buy 6 or more Cases for FREE SHIPPING !!

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